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         Anthony g. Hudson
 Author / Writer.
 Let the sun shine in upon this  book of :    "evident creation".




 Let the TRUTH be known by facts alone. 

          Out now on                     AMAZON                                                                 "Origin of Creation of Species".  ('OOCOS') 


      This non religious, non theoretical transcript: 'Origin of Creation of Species" is described in simple terminology, seamlessly validating scientifically quantified "Evident Creation", through a framework of natural observations, logic, mathematical calculations, blood groups, and the close examination of all fossilized species unearthed to date.

     The book, available on Amazon, Austin Macauley Publishers and many more stores world wide, scientifically describes a new microbiological discovery, which enables a brand new perspective of life changing proportions, 'Seamlessly Debunking Evolution'.


    The Transcript white paper was initially financially backed by Australian Fed Govt Microbiological Research Center in Canberra, the descriptions seamlessly verify "Evident Creation" of species, with 'only' scientifically quantified research, and my own new microbiological discoveries, confirming the undeniable process of 'Evident Creation'.


     To understand exactly where we all actually did originate from, without theories or religious content, let the TRUTH be known by facts alone. 



               Presenting the: World English Dictionary, (WED), soon, (2024) there will be a new Dictionary to utilize, and a new way of helping to understand our English language, and optimizing learning effectiveness, 'Logical format', designed with simplicity, rather than complexity in mind, one world English language dictionary taking a unified approach into our distant future is being constructed, for a more efficient, and time conscious layout of descriptions, and meanings of words, is being designed, and created to alleviate, not elevate stress levels from teaching English to a classroom of beginner, and Intermediate students.

              If adopted Globally', this will maximize teaching performance, saving unprecedented quantities of time, and money into the future.

                The forum of delegates will consist of: 1 Professor of English, and 1 Linguist graduate from each country, where the teaching of the 'English Language', is a part of their educational curriculum, all selected from each countries list of Graduates, which will in turn, be given the opportunity to become the founding delegates of WED.

                                                               SPELL IT LIKE IT SOUNDS


     To commence, a 'Rationalization' of contents, that are currently provided by present Dictionaries was required, in order for a new style of dictionary to be composed, so teachers anywhere in the world, accept, and utilize the one world English dictionary, for their educational teaching programs, to make it easier to understand, and convey to others, without many of the unless silent prefixes, it is first, and foremost to learn English, words with synergy.

   A silent letter, can not be eliminated, if it is an integral portion of similar words, such a silent letter on each of that particular words variations,  nor a medical term, nor a name of a: Profession /street / place / or person, and most foods will not be the subject of changes, hence, the Germans will still have a 'K', in the word Knockwurst, however, for example, there will be no'E' in the word Shallots, and the way 'Mom' is spelt, etc.. Easy learning methods, will alleviate much classroom tension. 


    There are many problems associated with teaching words as they are, simply because our English dictionaries still carry the 'hieroglyphics' derived from ancient text, and an infiltration of annual "Rubbish Context", has offered the difficulty associated with 'mercy waters' for learners to attempt to navigate, as there are several various dictionaries used around the world, and currently in operation, which will never address this dire situation, ultimately, it will be for the delegation of English Professors, and Linguists to decide the fate of each word.









                                      AS: "STEP by STEP" CREATION .     





                                                                         Anthony Gerard Hudson