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Origin of Creation of Species


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        The: 'New Scientific Creationist Society', is a Non-religious organization, free of Indoctrination from the Theory of Evolution (E'), built upon the non-molecular element of Respect, Acceptance, and Mutual Forgiveness of all others, this forums is now available to help increase your way of being empowered to be what to be, and who you are, by utilizing the relationship we all share between "pure science", and the "Evident Creator", and how i, and we can improve our own personal satisfaction in our every day life.


      This may only occur, once you can see that after having the indoctrination of Religion (R'), or E' pushed so far down your throat, enough to want to throw it all away, wipe your slate Clean, and become involved within the 'uplifting theology' of understanding the Freedom you actually Possess.

                                                           THE NEW PHILOSOPHY.

    We are primarily Carbon based, meaning that if we were to be completely reduced to our lowest form, we would be approximately the size of a 4 carat diamond in compressed Carbon, this has been certified by chemical analysts, biologically speaking, we are a new Species, a new "Creation", or as the people who Ignore the reality of 'Creation' put it, our species "Appearance" around 315,000 years ago, as determined by a powerful electron microscopy, fossil carbon dating conclusions, and, as it is a certainty that all individual species Must have commenced with one Sapiens, not unlike a machine gun, or a production line, there is always a First bullet / person, followed by as many as there are people today. (7.30 billion)

   Being carbon, a part of the 'New Scientific Creationist Society" theology of a comparative analysis, we are likened to a Diamond, the fact is that we are born 'In The Rough', and we are faceted by our upbringing, your light can only shine like a rainbow if you have the Least Flaws, the carbon spots, and feathers within YOUR DIAMOND will disable your full spectrum of light to shine through, these 'Flaws' represent things such as people, who are Distasteful to your personality, you should locate these flaws, which represent the many infiltration's.


   You may start by writing some answers down on a piece of paper, the people, or rules / things that have tied you up, or categorized and 'pigeon holed" you. (please remember, very religion says they are right!).

    Are you expected to tell people that you 'Belong' to their organization?

    Do you actually believe everything that you have been told?

    Are the people in the leadership of your society / R' actually any help to you, or are they Dictatorial.

    Are you personally satisfied with being consistently "Enforced", and dictated to?

    Are they 'in your pocket' ever?  (this is a MAJOR flaw)

    Do you get visits at your home by your "Overseers" who have some GRIP on you?

    Are the people and their theories, or theologies which you can see, have Flaws within them.

    Do they keep you under WATCH, tightly, and close in their many various ways?

    Do they teach 'separatism', and throw convictions around about anyone? (They are bad people).


      If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the above, then YOU have allowed a 'blockage of light stream', to dwell within your personal Diamond, like a cancerous growth, you MUST cut them out, out of your life, and out of your Diamond, it is only then that you will 'shine bright' like you real want to. 


 You need to free yourself of indoctrination's, enforces, dictators, people who punished you, penance givers, that give your spiritual self, so many limitations, rather than complete freedom.


       This new Society of members, has been purposefully designed for all people around our World, to understand the Science behind 'Evident Creation', and the reality that; we do certainly have a "Creator" of all things known, and unknown, to be thankful for our existence, and that there are many people, who have been 'severely' led astray by both: R', and the many unscientific, misleading, and imaginary concepts within the Theory of E' of species, including their 'belief' that you are an APE with your only value, (besides what Money that you Give to their own society through your life), recognized by them, is the meat, and organs that your body has, along with what you have done through life that leaves a print of sorts.


       To commence with, one needs understand the evidence within the book: "Origin of Creation of Species", (to be released late 2019) if possible, please try to read all pages, it will be in the public eye, online as an eBook, and in Book stores with it's worldwide distribution, and in time, once your understanding of creation, has given it's 3rd side to the coin, (The outside) a chance for you to analyse the subject matter of, you will be pleased to know that here is an unbiased forum, for you to receive accurate news of hope, and the True knowledge of certain "Creation", that will embrace your feelings of belonging  a Society without indoctrination. 


       You may send a reasonable question to me, through the below email, and i will be able to address anything of relevance each week, for spiritual sustenance, to enable your growth within our new, and impeccable society. 

       There will be a few basic boundaries submitted here, that a: 'New Scientific Creationist' should consider, if LIFE is your choice, just join up with me as Fellows, in the order of "Scientific Creation", and there will be a new way of showing how we can improve on ourselves within our ecosystem, simply by following the trails to improve your self esteem, mental health, (because you will be enlightened), and aid your determination to be more satisfying to yourself, and this flows on to all you meet, elevating what you can personally be, from what was your previously reached heights. (personal best).


    It is by KNOWING, and not Believing, or having Faith, that this will lead to your very personal enjoyment, by feeling, and knowing for sure, that you are completely free!


     Free of any form of guilt, because your shortcomings are ALWAYS forgiven, no matter what they are, no matter how long ago, or how many of them there are, No penance please, repeating any stories has nothing to do with your intention, to accept your "Creator" and the ways of Respect, to be the guiding light through your life.

  Our 102 billion Nucleolus within every one of our Brain Cells, have a fantastic recording system of your life, and within the same cells are the intricate, and well designed 'Transmitting Systems', these features are the communicative portions of our brains, we can indeed communicate with our "Creator", as there are what looks like a common 'Antennae', and many other microbiological transmitting devices, which have now been located, and categorized as not knowing what they actually do yet, that remain within each and every Nucleolus.

    All you need, is to simply go to your 'Quiet place' and ask the only powerful, and invisible entity for forgiveness of anything that your soul has regrets about, the same as you will forgive others, this is not a theory, even 'Karma' depicts that you get what you give....   


   E=MC2 in the Laws of Physics dictates that every action MUST have an equal and opposite reaction.

      Having a spiritual relationship with your "Creator" is not a religion, it is known as paying some type of respect for what you have been given, do it your way, it is only between you and the Entity who made everything known.


                                         So easy to feel 'Brand New', each and every day.


      It is through Science, that we have established our evidentual "Creator", now we need to simply learn to understand this phenomenal entity, by observing the many Natural designs, that PID "Pre-organised Intelligent Design" has given the remaining evidence to scientifically validate the existence of such a "Creator", with what has now been delivered to us: There is so many wonders that you have yet to unveil about yourself.

      From the senses of our sensitive mind and body, of which we are endowed with, to what feelings you are experiencing each day, and they are always ready to develop further, once you commence to Peal away the unrealistic expectations of common society.

     It will be by understanding your own "Creator", (who has made everything known, for our indulgence, and enjoyment, in one form or another), as your closest spiritual Allie, that you will come to be at one, and peace with yourself, together with this new forum, for you to communicate your feelings, in search for the answers that will be provided for you, simply ask what it is that you feel you are missing, and i will help by involving my understanding of your concern, and offer you realistic guidance.

     Thank you for the time that you have taken to read my introduction, i know that you will enjoy becoming a member of the: "New Scientific Creationist Society", (NSCS), by emailing your full name, your nearest city and state / country, and we will send you your Membership number.


     Our creed:  "The mechanics of Forgiveness is within perpetual motion, it can only work both ways", forgive to be forgiven, as shown within the illustrations that is the symbol of Eternity, let your impositions GO from your mind, and be filled with a new and happier way to think.

     'E=MC2', dictates that every action MUST have an equal and opposite reaction, the Laws of Physics are applicable to your own personal happiness, and your own satisfaction of life will begin to flow liberally, and i say 'Liberally" because you are Liberating your own feelings that have tied you to any Historical event that you have "Distaste" for, from what is bothering you daily, to a completely  different 'mind frame', and all of your good work will no longer have to take second place to your true ambitions.

     Escape your ties, that Chain you to Religions, the Illuminati, so called Scientologists, Jehovah's witnesses, are all CULTS, or indeed, the preposterous Evolutionary misguidance forever, (If you can) and you will soon feel very good, (although the group that you need to be separated from, will keep at you to stay, they will attempt to ENFORCE their ideology upon you over again, because they do not like their Numbers to diminish), it is then, that you will commence to understand how your life has been 'Released', from what you only 'thought' was somehow 'obligatory', only because 'other people' have told you so.       (Self proclaimed Church leaders, Elders... etc...).

     If you are an adult, you should not require an 'Elder' to distract your purpose in life, even if you are younger, and can understand the content of the "New Scientific Creationist Society", and if you can see it is Good, then simply ask your Guardian if you can be at one with us, by realizing your sense of belonging to this new fantastic Society.

     Soon here, will be a short list of refinements of your spiritual being, to consider 'ticking off' as you begin to revel within the Power that you actually have, this Society will lead you to the many abilities that you have, which has been left unaddressed until now.

     Fear no more, struggle with life no more, any personal 'Distaste'  from your history, will be diminished slowly down to Zero, the sooner a wound heals, only depends upon the treatment received.

     You may register as a Fellows / Fellowess of the order, as a 'New Scientific Creationist" by sending us an email, with your name and area code, and become a member for Life.

     Thank you for your time to read about this new way of living a Free life.

     Anthony Gerard Hudson.

     Teacher of your inheritance of everlasting life.



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