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Origin of Creation of Species


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 "New Scientific Creationist                     Society"


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         Welcome to:   Origin of Creation of Species.

                   And the:       NEW SCIENTIFIC CREATIONIST SOCIETY.

        The 'Origin of Creation of Species', is a 185 page transcript, scientifically describing a new microbiological discovery, written, and authored by Anthony Gerard Hudson, (born in Sydney, Australia).


     A NEW discovery, debunking the original evolutionists (E') unfounded suppositions of speciation of species of creatures, is being unveiled, (meaning that we were created). It is the first scientific non-fictional, non-theoretical, and non-religious book of 'Creation' ever published, proving 'evident creation' through a newly discovered integrated process, within the nucleolus, which occur as an integral process of 'reassembly' during the Mitosis process, whereas, this new discovery is defined with conclusive scientific evidence, that any species of 'creature' was indeed initially created, due to the limitations in genome continuity, of what has determined that all life was completed in a 'step by step' creative process, correlating with all fossil records, explained within a transcript, of which scientific framework of evidence.

          I have named the; AGH Conformity, as the description conforms to logic, fossil records, all sciences, and accepted data derived from population movements, and expansion.  The book has been released for publication on 30/10/2020 by Austin Macauley Publishers London.

    The: 'New Scientific Creationist Society', is a free and non-religious, with understanding of scientifically quantified evident creation, whilst remaining mindful of the many scriptures, as significant writings, however marginally incorrect they all may be in one way or another, (nothing is Perfect) within many religions, (R'), however, being free of the Indoctrination's of both R', and from the theory of evolution, (E'), which make unfounded claims. you will find the encouragement one needs, within this "Palace of knowledge".


      Our Society is invisible, with no attendance, books or appearances planned. It is based upon 'refined scientific information', whereas you will learn, by yourself, or with friends, to re-define your personality as an individual, to increase your ways of empowerment, simply by using your mind, determining that you are the most powerful thing you have in your own possession, you will learn to utilize the tools and equipment, that you already possess, for you to be what you aspire to be, and completely understand who you are, by recognizing your place in this universe, and that you do belong. (Read my book carefully)


      This will occur, once you can identify, and recognize, that after having the indoctrination's of R', or E', pushed upon you, enough to re-think what you have been presented with, wipe your slate clean, and become involved within the 'uplifting theology', of a: New Scientific Creationist, with the right combination of spiritual connectivity, devotion to yourself, and the Creator of all things.


                                THE  PHILOSOPHY  OF  UNDERSTANDING  AND  RESPECT.

     We are primarily a carbon based life form, meaning that we would be approximately the size of a 4 carat diamond in compressed carbon, a part of the New Scientific Creationist Society theology,  utilizing a comparative analysis, we are likened to a Diamond, besides being forever, the fact is that; your light can only shine like a rainbow, if you have the least flaws, (Inclusions) these flaws represent any, and all things, such as habits, and 'unsavory people' that you have allowed to be a part of your life, and it is time to 'cut them loose'.


 It is only because these flaws will disable the full spectrum of your own light to shine through, these flaws represent things such as people, or historical events, which you think are out of your personal control, "Weeding your mind garden", as you commence to peel away the multitude of layers, that bind you to the things which obstruct your flow of happiness!   Time to: 'Up anchor', and sail to your chosen destinations.


     You may start by thinking about some of these trappings;


    Do you actually believe everything that you have been told, or presented with?

    Are the people in the leadership of your society / R' actually Dictatorial?

    Are you personally satisfied with being controlled by your R' peers?

    Are they 'in your pocket' ever?  (this is a major flaw)

    Do you get visits at your home by your "Overseers" who have some grip on you? Are you their captive?

    Are the people, and their theologies you can see, have flaws in them?

    Do they keep you under watch, tightly, and close in their many various ways, is it your worst distraction?

    Do they teach separatism, and throw convictions at others, backyard Judges?

                                                      They are your poison.


       Cut them out of your life, and out of your Diamond, it is only then that you will 'shine bright', and it will show in things you say and do. 




      To commence with, one needs understand the evidence within the book: "Origin of Creation of Species", please try to understand as much as you can, within this, the first scientific non fictional book of creation ever published, is 185 pages, it will be in the public eye, online as an eBook, and in book stores with it's worldwide distribution, by Austin Macauley Publishers London.  Learning the truth, rather than commencing further indoctrination's, will clarify once and for all, what is evidence based, rather than what has been merely presented to you by others who have an agenda. 


     The laws of Physics, dictate that: Every action, MUST have an equal and opposite reaction, and although this law is not in reference to the Creator, it does exist for every action, hence, forgive, and you will be forgiven, because having a spiritual relationship with your "Creator", is not a religion, it is paying a type of respect, for what you have been given, do it your way, it is only between you and the powerful entity who made everything known.


     Fear no more, struggle with life no more, any personal distaste from historical events will become diminished to zero. The sooner a wound heals, depends upon the treatment received, and you can Live a life that is truly free.


                                 World English Language Dictionary . Com

                        The new:   World English Dictionary  (coming soon 2022)

                   Presenting the World English Language Dictionary, (WELD), a new way of helping to understand our English language, and optimizing learning effectiveness, designed with simplicity, rather than complexity in mind, one world English language dictionary, taking a unified approach into our distant future is being constructed, for a more efficient, and time conscious layout of descriptions, and meanings of words, is being designed, and created to alleviate, not elevate stress levels, of teaching English to a classroom of beginner, and Intermediate students, anywhere in the world, and aid the recognition, and ways for the mind to intemperate each word, and it's meaning/s, making the entire learning process much quicker, and will maximize teaching performance, saving unprecedented quantities of time, and money into the future.

   The forum of delegates, will consist of: 1 Professor of English, and 1 Linguist graduate from each country, where the teaching of the 'English Language', is a part of their educational curriculum, we will be selecting them from each countries list of Graduates, which will in turn, be given the opportunity to become the founding delegates of the WELD.

                                                           SPELL IT LIKE IT SOUNDS


     To commence, a 'Rationalization' of contents, that are currently provided by present Dictionaries was required, in order for a new style of dictionary to be composed, so teachers anywhere in the world, accept, and utilize the one world English dictionary, for their educational teaching programs, to make it easier to understand, and convey to others, without many of the unless silent prefixes, it is first, and foremost to learn English, words with synergy.

   A silent letter, can not be eliminated, if it is an integral portion of similar words, derived from the other, which require such a silent letter on each of that words variations,  nor a medical term, nor a name of a: Profession /street / place / or person, and most foods will not be the subject of changes, hence, the Germans will still have a 'K', in the word Knockwurst, however, there will be no'E' in the word Shallots. 


    There are many problems associated with teaching words as they are, simply because our English dictionaries still carry the 'hieroglyphics' derived from ancient text, and an infiltration of context has offered 'mercy waters' for learners to attempt to navigate, as there are several various dictionaries used around the world, and currently in operation, which will never address this dire situation, ultimately, it will be for the delegation of English Professors, and Linguists to decide the fate of each word.


                    Thank you for your interest in the Book, and the WELD progression, to first publication release.

                                                             Anthony Gerard Hudson



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